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Eli spent most of the day at CHLA getting a blood transfusion which itself takes about 2-2.5 hours but the process before that is very long. First they need to triage him for his weight, temperature, blood pressure etc. Then they draw his blood and send it to the lab to see how much he needs and they make sure which apparently can happen that his blood type is the same. This whole process alone is 2-3 hours but BH Eli needed only what they expected and felt fine all day and thruought the process.

We are looking forward to a relaxing and uneventful shabos and 2nd days of YT and are hoping that by some miracle the surgeon will be available sooner then what they now have us scheduled for and that Elis blood counts will be good when we finally do get that call. Eli is looking forward to just being in shul and spending time with the family, cousins and friends and so are we.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in your tefilos etc as we continue on the road to a refua shelayma. Gut Shabos


We finally received the phone call late last night that we were waiting on for a few weeks “the surgeon has an available spot for Eli on Monday 4/1”. We of course said yes even though its Pesach but the rov said being that its pikuach nefesh we should take it. So I immediately took Eli to CHLA to check his blood and then the bad news came his blood and platelets were low and even though he will be getting blood and possibly platelets on Friday that isn’t good enough for the surgery as he needs to have a week with good blood counts without having any blood transfusions. So the good news is we will IYH be home to enjoy the 2nd days of Pesach the bad news we have to wait again for the next availability.

We spent the day today at Legoland in San diego which was a huge shlep and while the kids enjoyed I can honestly say I don’t think I or they ever want to return. The drive was long and there is a lot better entertainment a lot closer. BH Eli had the strength and the will to get on some rides and laugh and enjoy so for us it was worth going just for that. On Friday we will be back in CHLA like I mentioned for a blood transfusion and possibly a little more.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya and the many other local and not so local cholim in mind. We saw a lot of people today that have gone thru or are going thru what we are going thru and its a chizuk to see them all doing what they can to pull thru knowing that they will all win the fight and we will see all cholim get what we and they all wish for a FULL refua BKAROV. A Gut Moed


BH we got exactly what we hoped for and some. Eli felt very good and enjoyed, relaxed and ate throughout the first days of YT. He sat thru both sedorim from beginning to end and had a lot to ask and say and we all enjoyed.

While we don’t have an exact date yet for surgery we are getting a good idea of when it maybe and hopefully we will know very shortly. We are hoping to have it done sooner then later and are hoping Elis blood counts will allow for it.

Hoping to continue having good news as each day passes and are davening that the surgery will take place bshah tova bkarov so that Elimelech Ben Basya will be able to continue on the road to a full recovery BKAROV


We still don’t have an exact surgery date and our hopes are that we will have one set for right after YT. Bli ayin hora Eli is getting better with each passing moment and we are looking forward to a enjoyable uneventful peaceful YT with our family and friends.

There are so many people that we can’t properly thank for the many different things they have done on Elimelech Ben Basya and our familys behalf and they know who they are and they mean the world to us. So I will put it simply “GUT YOM TOV AND THANKS A MILLION”


As they say No news is good news. Eli had a great relaxing day with not much on today’s agenda other then picking up his cousins from the airport and then spending time with them. He was very prepared and helpful with bedikas chometz.

Monday will be a very busy day in our lives between preparing for Pesach and literally harassing everyone that has any connection to the surgeon we are going to use in NY. We will hopefully beezrat hashem figure a way to have Elis surgery done as planned in the beginning of April. The difference is huge as it will add a month to the treatment plan as well as add a unnecessary round of chemo.

We are looking forward to Pesach and are davening that all our tefilos are answered that the road to a full recovery for Elimelech Ben Basya will go smoothly and as planned and that chas vshalom there should be no side effects or even small bumps in the road.


With each passing good day that Eli keeps improving physically we adjust what we do and don’t let him do. Instead of wanting him to just rest and relax he goes out a lot to do exercise such as walks not in a stroller. So BH we continue although slowly to definitely see physical improvement. Friday and shabos is Elis happiest days of the week as he really enjoys going to shul for all the tefilos so we did that of course.

The next few weeks will be very trying as we were under the impression that Eli would beezrat hashem have surgery right after Pesach but we have been notified by the surgeon that he is completely booked until the begining of May which poses many problems. So we are first on a standby list that if there are any cancellations we will be in NY as quick as physically possible. At the same time Elis blood counts have to be well enough to do the surgery so we will hope that his counts stay high and that the surgeon will be able to squeeze us in.

We hope and look forward to a quiet, peaceful and uneventful yom tov for Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim. And we look to seeing him only improve with each passing minute.


Its been a while since we have had only all good news to report and we hope it is hear to stay. From the minute Eli woke up until he went to sleep he really enjoyed himself. He had a friends birthday party in the morning and spent the afternoon with Sori and Ari which is something they have been waiting for school to be on break for a while to do. He BH had a full appetite and ate most of everything he was given.

While we don’t have an exact date yet for surgery we are hoping Eli and the surgeon will want to do it on schedule which hopefully will be right after Pesach in NY Memorial Sloan Cancer Center. We are traveling there only because the surgeon there is supposed to be the best in this field and we will accept nothing but the best for Eli. The surgery and recovery time we have been told will be 3-6 hours for the actual surgery and 3-7 days for the recovery time inpatient. As soon as we get back from NY after surgery they will be doing beezrat hashem round 6 of chemo.

We got today what we hoped and davened for and hope this will be the way it will stay for Elimelech Ben Basya as we see him building himself up stronger each day after chemo. As always we thank everyone who constantly has Eli in mind in many different ways. Tizku lmitzvos


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A short addition to what I wrote earlier is basically that BH the scans were very good and Elis blood counts were also surprisingly good. It was a good feeling to be home at 1PM rather then be starting a blood transfusion at that time and be stuck there until the evening. Once Eli finally got home and relaxed after being woken up early today to be at the hospital by 730 he ate a nice sized late lunch as he wasn’t allowed to eat prior to the CT scan.

The scan results were sent to the surgeon in NY who will hopefully review them when he gets it on Thursday and will be able to schedule the surgery for right after Pesach. The surgery beezrat hashem will remove whatever is left of the tumor.

We hope and daven that these results and only good news will be the only trend we will have for Elimelech Ben Basya.

3/20/13 good news

Bli ayin hora we got some good news today as the CT scans came back showing that the tumor has shrunk considerably at least what the DR had hoped for if not more.

We want to thank everyone that has and is keeping Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in their tefilos etc as we continue on the path to a full recovery.


Slowly Eli is definitely showing improvement and his nausea is also going away. We are hoping the trend of getting better will continue but at a quicker pace. Eli ate a decent amount and was more active yet is still very weak. The part that amazes everyone is his continuous upbeat mood with almost no complaining and BH no pain.

On Wed Eli has a busy day at the hospital starting early in the morning. Between getting a CT scan which will not allow him whether he is up to or not to eat or drink until its done and then a blood transfusion and then meeting with the DR to review the CT scan and give us a small idea of where Eli is holding.

The hope is that Elimelech Ben Basya CT scan and everything continues to go as planned with no side effects and that the scans should show its a very small or no tumor. We look forward to having IYH only good news tmrw and the future as we continue on the road to his full refua BKAROV.