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BH Eli had a very good week and has been getting around and feeling for the most part BAH very well. His DR appt for this week got pushed off a week and both lab results came back ok and didn’t require any transfusions. 

I was in NY last night and was able to get some special Brochos for Eli and daven at a few kevarim bzchus Eli and the many other Cholim on my list. 

We look forward IYH to a relaxed Shabos at home. Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in your tefilos. A GUT SHABOS


Eli finished this round of chemo on Friday and got home at a normal hour and was able to rest and relax for the afternoon. BAH on Thursday when they drew Elis labs he BH didn’t need any transfusions which was a pleasant surprise. 

Over Shabos Eli was part of everything and although he was weak he was part of everything and as always kept us entertained. Other then labs and a follow up DR appt there isn’t anything on this week’s schedule aside from helping Eli recuperate. The next planned chemo will IYH be the week of Chol Hamoed. 

Please as always continue having Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in your tefilos. A GUT VOCH. A GUT CHODESH‎


The last 2 days of chemo went as quick as possible BAH and from start to finish was about 2 hours. The side effects have somewhat began already with Eli feeling a little more weak then he’s been of late. Part of this chemo is to take some pills and a antibiotic which bring the count of pills to 14 a day which BH Eli takes like a champ. IYH 2 days left on this round of chemo before we once again work on recuperating from the chemo. 

This evening out of the blue Eli was in the mood of a Shilos steak which he loves so we went there and he ate a very nice amount. The owner who by now knows Eli by his name and everything brought him a present which made Eli smile ear to ear.  ‎

Once again this Erev Rosh Chodesh there will be a Yom Kipur Koton in Sharei Torah at 6:30 PM Thursday 3/19. Since Rosh Chodesh is Shabos we will daven the tefilah on Thursday.  

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos. 


‎BH todays chemo went well and we hope it’s doing what it’s meant to do. We were in and out in about 4 hours today and hopefully Tuesdays will be a lot shorter since all the paperwork and arranging has all been done. 

Eli continues to feel pretty good and has been getting out and more upbeat BAH and IYH that will continue. 

As always Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel. ‎


On Friday we spent a few hours in CHLA to draw labs and see the DR and BH all was good and Eli didn’t need any transfusions. IYH we are a go for Monday-Friday outpatient chemo, the same chemo that was given this last time which a few tests showed some improvement. 

Eli had a great Shabos and weekend where he got out a lot to many different places and he felt BAH very well and beezrat hashem that will continue. 

Please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos that this week’s treatment and all treatments should do what they are meant to do with no side effects. 

As a reminder please have
Chaya Mushka Bas Haddasa Shayna
Golda Bas Miriam
Rochel Emunah Bas Rivka Devora Bryna‎
Gittel Bas Shoshana Rochel
Malka Braindel Bas Shaina Shifra‎
Hillel Sholom Shachneh Ben Rivka
Avrohom Ben Leah
Yonasan Rafoel Ben Baila‎


We got home very late Thursday night from a most amazing trip to Hawaii!! Eli chose to go there through the Make A Wish Foundation nearly 2 years ago and we had this planned a few times but each time Eli landed in the hospital and therefore was unable to go. This time they made it happen and it was a truly amazing week spent in Waikiki along with Elis brothers and sister. ‎

Friday morning it’s right back to reality and back to CHLA for possible transfusions and for a DR visit. This is all in preparation for Mondays anticipated begining of a 5 day outpatient chemo and possible restart of TPN. We will IYH get the details at the appt and we will go from there. 

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in your tefilos.  


BH we had a beautiful Purim with Eli helping deliver Shaloch Manos to a few local neighbors. Eli also had a lot of his classmates come special to deliver him a Shaloch Manos which was very special and appreciated. Although Eli is very weak he is BAH much more upbeat and eating a tremendous amount and somewhat back to himself. 

After the seudah which Eli wasn’t up to attending and was sleeping for he woke up to attend the Purim Chagiga on the street in front of Rechnitz house. It was extremely nice what they did for Eli taking him on Shlomo Yehuda chair and singing special nigunim for Eli followed by the crowd cheering ELI ELI ELI very moving and very special and it really brought a special smile to Eli. 

Today we are back at CHLA for both blood and platelet transfusions which IYH will help continue bringing Eli strength to continue fighting. As always it’s taking forever to do nothing but that’s how it goes and it is what it is. 

As always please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in all your tefilos. A GUT SHABOS


BAH the last few days have been heading in the right direction. Eli each day is a little more active and his good mood is finally BH coming back. On Monday we were at CHLA for a scheduled DR appt and lab check. Eli did not need any transfusions but will likely need on Friday. We are hoping that the next round of chemo will begin on 2/16 as an outpatient chemo. 

Although Eli has been eating a very nice amount and often and even though he is on medication to help hold down the food he has lost a little more weight which isn’t good. At the same time that Eli begins the next round of chemo they will probably also restart him on TPN in hopes that it will help Eli gain weight and strength. 

Eli made it to school on Sunday for the pre Purim carnival which he enjoyed seeing his friends and playing some games. Today Rabbi Blau delivered from Elis class a picture of his class from today’s dress up day which brought a big smile to Eli. We also received in the mail a declaration from someone we don’t know who donated for a sefer tora in a yeshiva the letters ALEF and GIMMEL bzchus Eli ‎tizku lmitzvos. 

Other then that we will look forward to a enjoyable Purim which Eli looks forward to all year and hope that beezrat hashem the tefilos we say on Purim will help us be zoche to see Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim get what they deserve a refua shelayma bkarov.