Monthly Archives: March 2016


Sorry once again for the lack of updates. But as always no news is good news. BH there hasn’t been much to update as Eli has been at home for a pretty long break. This past Wed morning for the first time in over a year Eli went to school for about 2 hours and was warmly welcomed by everyone. Unfortunately that night he came down with fever and ended up testing positive for a infection which landed us in the hospital until Shabos morning. ‎

Eli was supposed to start chemo/immunotherapy on Sunday‎ but it got pushed off a day as a result of the infection and antibiotics. Eli is now checked into CHLA until either Shabos or Sunday and we hope and daven that all goes easy and smooth for the rest of the week. 

This past Friday we had a truly touching and amazing story. On my way back to the hospital I dropped off at Rabbi and Mrs Shlomo Einhorn a Bar mitzva present in honor of their sons Bar mitzva at about 4:00pm. They said they were so excited that Eli was home and will be at the kidush. I told them unfortunately Eli is actually in the hospital and probably will be out in the morning but not for sure. It clearly bothered them that this was going on during their simcha. Anyway I wished them Gut Shabos and Mazal Tov‎. At 5:25pm (33 minutes before shkia) Rabbi Einhorn and his son the Bar Mitzva boy who for sure had nothing better to do at that time marched into our room at CHLA to wish Eli and I Gut Shabos with a big tray of cookies. Truly inspiring and touching and most appreciated. (BH Eli was able to repay the visit and made it to the Kidush)

Currently in MSKCC Hillel Sholom Shachne Ben Rivka is receiving treatment for the same machla as Eli and due to the fact that they are from the UK many of the costs are currently not covered by insurance. Anyone that can financially help them they have setup a gofundme account and it will be a real Chesed for anyone that can help.

Please as always continue having Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in all your tefilos.