Slowly Eli is definitely showing improvement and his nausea is also going away. We are hoping the trend of getting better will continue but at a quicker pace. Eli ate a decent amount and was more active yet is still very weak. The part that amazes everyone is his continuous upbeat mood with almost no complaining and BH no pain.

On Wed Eli has a busy day at the hospital starting early in the morning. Between getting a CT scan which will not allow him whether he is up to or not to eat or drink until its done and then a blood transfusion and then meeting with the DR to review the CT scan and give us a small idea of where Eli is holding.

The hope is that Elimelech Ben Basya CT scan and everything continues to go as planned with no side effects and that the scans should show its a very small or no tumor. We look forward to having IYH only good news tmrw and the future as we continue on the road to his full refua BKAROV.