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A brutal 5+ days of treatment is finally over. This week consisted of 2 different chemos every day and that was followed by Immunotherapy which is extremely painful and it runs in a perfect world for 10 hours but we finally found a level that Eli was able to handle somewhat which takes about 16 hours. He got this treatment 4 days this week so a total of over 60 hours of torture. To top all this off with every hour of treatment they need to check vital signs and drive you more crazy. ‎Eli went thru 2 separate Operating room procedures as the first one didn’t work and they could place the new line. On Wed morning they succeeded and put in the 2nd line.  ‎

Also this month the hospital started using a bar code system so every time a new IV or oral medication is given which this week was 15+ times every day they need to undo Eli’s blanket and find the bracelet and scan it. I sent an email to every person in CHLA to demand they find a solution to end this even though it is for the patients safety as an alarm would go off if the wrong medicine is by mistake trying to be given. It can be attached to the wall or the bed post or add a longer bracelet so they don’t have to disturb him so often. 

BH we are now home and hopefully have a few weeks while we pray that CV Eli doesn’t get a fever which is a possibility from the chemo and let Eli get some much needed rest. We beezrat hashem will repeat this treatment in a few weeks. 

Please continue as always having Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos. A GUT SHABOS ‎


Eli checked into CHLA on Sunday to begin the chemo/immunotherapy treatment. This morning when they checked Eli’s labs BH all numbers were ok but they wanted them on a higher level so he received blood, platelets and pottasium transfusions. Since Eli is still on antibiotics for last week’s infection and it can’t be mixed in the same line as the immunotherapy they needed to add a IV line. However none of his veins were holding so Eli is now‎ in the operating room so they can put in a Pick line so that beezrat hashem he won’t need to be poked again and get the treatment rolling. 

We are scheduled to be in CHLA until Friday and are praying that this treatment will be a success. Please have Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos.


With many miracles Eli arrived home at 6:30 this evening and is BAH doing great. We are happy to IYH get a few days break before we head back early next week for 5 inpatient days of scheduled treatment. 

Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch lrefua shelayma bsoch shhar choley yisroel   ‎


Thank you to the many people who did a lot of davening and different zchusim these ‎last scary few days on Eli’s behalf. On Sunday afternoon and evening Eli’s situation was scary to say the least with the amount of medication and machinery that was going into him and with all that not getting it under control. Finally at about 1:00AM they had Eli’s heart rate and blood pressure controlled by IV and it wasn’t getting worse. Over the course of the next few hours BAH there was a huge quick turn for the better and the oxygen mask came off. That was followed by lowering all day the many different blood pressure IV and fluids they were pumping non stop into Eli. 

By the time 7:00PM Monday came all the life support, oxygen, blood pressure IV, heart rate issues were completely normal running without any help and Eli was literally eating steak!!! They were able to feel comfortable taking off the extra sites they added for IV which made Eli a lot more physically comfortable. During the night they again had to add the blood pressure IV for a few short hours but BH since then he continues to hold his own. 

They are continuing to monitor Eli in the ICU while treating his infection which as of yesterday’s cultures showed they were attacked and are now negative. Beezrat hashem this will continue and Eli will beezrat hashem either be discharged home or to a regular room for further observation. 

Please always have Elimelech Ben Basya in your tefilos and know that there is no way we would have a good report like today without your help. ‎


As of 6:00PM yesterday they added aside from Eli’s main port 3 other IV sites to be able to give the endless amounts of IV Eli needed. His heart rate was extremely high and no matter how many liters of fluid they gave him it wouldn’t come down. His blood pressure was doing the opposite now matter how much they went up on the IV it would continue to fall. BAH as of 1:00AM it has stabilized and they have since began to reduce all the IV. 

Eli is being treated for septic shock as well as for a infection which they have not pin pointed quite yet what type of infection as the cultures just started coming back positive. Eli is BH talking and not in any pain BAH. We hope all of what has been going on for the last 5 hours continues in the right direction only quicker. 

Thank you to everyone that davened extra last night and please continue to do so. Elimelech Ben Basya lrefua shelayma.  


Unfortunately the last few hours for Eli haven’t been good to put it mildly. He woke up very late this afternoon and didn’t seem right and we immediately went to the ER. Upon arrival Eli’s heart rate was very high and most of all else was ok but that has since changed. Eli’s heart rate is still very high and his blood pressure is very low and therefore Eli is in the ICU and on many different IVs to try to help get the situation under control. ‎

We hope to have a better report sooner then later but for right now a little extra prayer wouldn’t hurt. 

Please have Elimelech Ben Basya in your tefilos.