Its been a while since we have had only all good news to report and we hope it is hear to stay. From the minute Eli woke up until he went to sleep he really enjoyed himself. He had a friends birthday party in the morning and spent the afternoon with Sori and Ari which is something they have been waiting for school to be on break for a while to do. He BH had a full appetite and ate most of everything he was given.

While we don’t have an exact date yet for surgery we are hoping Eli and the surgeon will want to do it on schedule which hopefully will be right after Pesach in NY Memorial Sloan Cancer Center. We are traveling there only because the surgeon there is supposed to be the best in this field and we will accept nothing but the best for Eli. The surgery and recovery time we have been told will be 3-6 hours for the actual surgery and 3-7 days for the recovery time inpatient. As soon as we get back from NY after surgery they will be doing beezrat hashem round 6 of chemo.

We got today what we hoped and davened for and hope this will be the way it will stay for Elimelech Ben Basya as we see him building himself up stronger each day after chemo. As always we thank everyone who constantly has Eli in mind in many different ways. Tizku lmitzvos

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