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No news is good news and halevay it should always be this way.

Eli starts pre meds for the MIBG treatment on Sunday and one of the medications is for a week and one is for 3 weeks. IYH we will find out on Friday 6/6 if Elis blood counts and certain numbers are ok. Beezrat hashem they will be ok and we will be heading back to NY on 6/8 for treatment that’s scheduled to begin on 6/9. The hope is to be back in LA on 6/16 or 6/17.

Thank you to the many people who have and continue on a daily basis to daven, give tzedaka and countless other things bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar coley yisroel.


This morning Eli was in CHLA to check on his blood and platelet counts and BH they were good and he did not require any transfusions.

On 6/2 IYH Eli will begin taking medication in preparation for the MIBG treatment to help with possible side effects. Depending on his blood counts the schedule is to be back in NY on 6/9 and we will be there for a solid week of which 3-5 days is scheduled to be inpatient at MSKCC.

Beezrat hashem we will be going away for Shabos and look for forward to a long relaxed weekend. We all can use a change of scenery ahead of challenging next few months.

Please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in all your tefilos. A GUT SHABOS


We were at MSKCC by 8:45 and Eli right away began to drink the contrast drink to help with the CT scan. By 9:45 Eli was already on the scan table and they did both the CT and MIBG scan together which ended just before 12. We met with DR Kushner at 2:30 for the results and spoke over what the plan is from here. The results were ok nothing got worse so it seems the chemo did something. BH Eli is a candidate for MIBG therapy and we will beezrat hashem wait to hear from the DR when they can schedule him in for that. The MIBG therapy takes less then 30 minutes to do but because of the radioactive materials he needs to stay in the hospital for 2-4 days and in NY for about a week.

Nothing else right now is planned and we look forward to continuing to help Eli gain back as much strength as possible over this break period.

Please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos as well as Chaya Mushka Bas Haddasa Shayna, Chana Tova Bas Esther Shoshana, Golda Bas Miriam bsoch shaar choley yisroel. Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah will IYH be having beezrat hashem continued clean scans the next few days please daven it should always be that way.


Eli had a good night sleep and relaxed this morning before we headed to MSKCC for our 12PM appointment. We were met by a whole team of Chai Lifeline people who directed us and showed us where to go etc. We then met with Dr Kushner who told us the plan for today and Tuesday which had a few good changes. They then gave Eli his MIBG injection in preparation for Tuesday morning scan. BH Dr Kushner was happy with the way Eli looked and felt that he will be doing the MIBG treatment in a few weeks which requires general anesthesia so he felt that we should postpone the bone marrow testing and do them both at the same time. So Tuesday now will only have a MIBG and CT scan starting at 830AM contrast followed by scans at 10AM IYH. Because of the plan change we also changed our flight plan and will be going home to LA right after the scans and not staying until Wednesday as originally planned.

Thanks to my brother who took the long ride from Lakewood to pick us up in JFK and give us a ride to NYC and for always being there for us. There is a very long list of special people that came to help and visit today. It started with a friend schlepping from Lakewood and bringing and insane amount of breakfast. Followed by a Rosh Yeshiva from Monsey who brought an insane amount of food for lunch. We then had 2 special YU guys one from LA that played a few exciting games with Eli at MSKCC which he really appreciated. And then we met another friend for dinner at a nice steakhouse which Eli loved. After a short break the door didn’t stop with endless friends and family coming to keep us company. BH Eli was in a great mood and had everyone entertained until well after midnight. Thank you also to the many people that wanted to come but that I had to say no to because of time and space and germs. We hope to see more people if Eli is up to it next time we come.

A unbelievable thanks to our cousins who are our hosts this time in NYC and last year when we came for surgery. They are true examples of ohev chesed, hachnasas orchim, and bikur cholim all in one place. Their open door has made coming here so much easier and we can’t thank them or appreciate them enough. Thanks a million Ruvy and Rivkeleh.

Please daven that todays scans should only bring good news and that Elimelech Ben Basya should be cleared to beezrat hashem come back in a few weeks to NY for the treatment.


We bli ayin hora had a beautiful relaxed Shabos at home. Motzei Shabos Lag Baomer is one of Elis favorite times of the year and this year and IYH many more he will enjoy the songs of Lag Baomer. Eli had to be up early Sunday so that we can catch a 9AM flight to JFK. Thanks to Chai Lifeline West Coast and an anonymous donor they arranged for Eli and I to be sitting in the first row on the plane in FIRST CLASS away from as much germs as possible. Alyssa, Randi, Marilyn, Gila and the entire Chai Lifeline team thanks so much for always being there for us.

The plan for Monday is to be in MSKCC (Sloan Hospital) at noon to take the medication needed to be taken prior to getting a MIBG injection. An hour or so after taking the meds they will give the injection and that’s about all that is planned for Monday. On Tuesday will IYH be a full day there for all the scans.

Please continue as always having Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in mind in all your tefilos


The plan is to get on a 9AM flight Sunday and be in NY until Wed afternoon. On Monday Eli will have a consult with Dr Kushner and get his MIBG injection and on Tuesday will be full of all the scans CT, MIBG and bone marrow. Beezrat hashem we will have good news a few days after the scans once the results are in.

Unfortunately the cholim list of young children from LA is growing and we need to be mispalel that this list changes from cholim to families being zoche to nachas and refua shelayma from these special children. Elimelech Ben Basya, Chaya Mushka Bas Haddasa Shayna, Golda Bas Miriam, Chana Tova Bas Esther Shoshana bsoch shaar choley yisroel. Besuros Tovos



Eli got home after testing his line to make sure it works properly and then had a platelet transfusion. After almost not sleeping at all last night he slept until late in the day and once he was up BH he was in a great mood and headed home about 4PM.

Thanks to the generosity of a local choshuveh yid who gave up his miztva so that Eli was able to be zoche late this evening to do a mitzva most people aren’t able to do which is Shiluach Hakan. Eli was taught the halacha and was told the many different segulos that specifically come from this mitzva and may Eli be zoche to every single one of them especially arichas yomim in good health. Once at the location which was about a 30 minute drive Eli BH had the strength to climb up a ladder and do it K’halacha.

Please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos.

5/15/14 GOOD NEWS BH

Nissim we just had. After a hellish night where they had a hard time getting a vein to work for an IV as they said his central line can’t be used. They had to prick Eli 3X to finally get it going and he was miserable. Once the ER DRs decided it will require surgery Eli was no longer able to eat or drink in preparation for surgery. On top of that they had the anesthesiologist and many DRs and nurses each with their own stupid reason to wake Eli so another sleepless night.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS the operating room is extremely back logged and the surgeon came to our room and once he was here said let me just check on what we are dealing with. Once he looked at it he said give me a few minutes and came back with some equipment and was able to fix it and no surgery or line replacement is needed and IYH we will be home before noon.

Only answer is tefilos. Thanks to everyone who did their part. Besuros tovos to all.


What began and went as a very good day ended up as anything but that. Eli was in a great mood and was physically strong and even eating. When it was time for bed which is when Eli gets hooked up every night to his TPN and now also IV antibiotics for some reason his central line malfunctioned and ended up basically exploding. He has two places where on the same line that IVs can be hooked up to and one is now completely off and broken.

So back to the ER we went and at 12:30AM got the news that it isn’t repairable and therefore we are now being admitted back to CHLA with a scheduled early morning surgery to replace the line with a new one. The surgery shouldn’t take more then an hour and possibly Eli will be able to go home late in the day or Friday. Hoping that this will not effect the NY trip but only time will tell about that.

The surgery will be with general anesthesia so please take an extra moment to have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in the morning and every day.