Monthly Archives: January 2016


About 2 weeks ago Elis port site started to undo and was showing signs of a possible infection. They scheduled us for the next day to remove his port so that it doesn’t cause any blood infections. Since then Eli has been using the Picc line for blood drawns and nightly TPN. We are currently in CHLA for a scheduled procedure to put in a new line in Elis chest. It will have what’s called a double lumen so that 2 different medications that can’t be mixed in the same cocktail can happen simulataeously. The procedure is meant to last about 60-90 minutes to install and remove the Picc line. 

On Sunday Eli is once again scheduled to be inpatient for the week for the next round of chemo and immunotherapy. That will be followed Beezrat Hashem by a week of lab draws and transfusions and that once again will be followed by scans. 

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos today and always. ‎Also Hillel Sholom Shachneh Ben Rivka is IYH about to begin high dose chemo and will need our tefilos. Please have all Cholim in your tefilos. ‎


After a week that for some reason felt like it would never end even though BAH Eli did well and was pretty much a pain free week we are finally home. As always it will take a while for Eli to get his strength and his good mood back but that’s all part of the deal. 

We are looking forward to being home and beezrat hashem‎ other then some basic labs and transfusions nothing else for now is on the schedule. 

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos. A GUT SHABOS‎


Eli checked in Sunday at 2pm for scheduled chemo with immunotherapy once again and will IYH be here until Friday morning‎. They did on Sunday chemo and will do that each day. Immunotherapy starts Monday at 11am and runs for 4 days at a pace beezrat hashem that will be tolerable. 

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in all your tefilos. ‎