As they say No news is good news. Eli had a great relaxing day with not much on today’s agenda other then picking up his cousins from the airport and then spending time with them. He was very prepared and helpful with bedikas chometz.

Monday will be a very busy day in our lives between preparing for Pesach and literally harassing everyone that has any connection to the surgeon we are going to use in NY. We will hopefully beezrat hashem figure a way to have Elis surgery done as planned in the beginning of April. The difference is huge as it will add a month to the treatment plan as well as add a unnecessary round of chemo.

We are looking forward to Pesach and are davening that all our tefilos are answered that the road to a full recovery for Elimelech Ben Basya will go smoothly and as planned and that chas vshalom there should be no side effects or even small bumps in the road.