Its been about 135 days since the petira of Eli A’H and not a minute goes by that we dont think of Eli and the ever lasting memories he left us with.

Since the petira we have been thinking of many different ideas of what we can do Lzecher Nishmas Elimelech Ben Menachem Mendel Malkiel and many ideas have come to my mind. For different reasons alot of our ideas will IYH happen but we are going to be focused on one isea for now.
Many of you may know I am involved in Misaskim LA and its a cause very close to my heart and it is something that Eli when he was able helped me and when he couldnt help and was in the hospital always gave me a pass to leave him for a short while to do a delivery or pick up.
I have therefore taken upon myself to significantly expand Misaskim to cover the Valley area and many other areas that we have not been able to cover due to a lack of a truck or enough shiva material to do so. Once we have the money EVERYTHING on the truck and thats being purchased will be as a zchus for Eli. The expected life of the truck and all the material is 15+ years.
While the cost may sound high it includes a new truck, chairs, a few aron kodesh, a few sets of the different nusach, shtenders and many other items we provide. A few close friends and our family have pledged roughly $80,000 but we are still short about $45,000. Anyone that would like to be part of this we would really appreciate.
Anyone that can donate or has pledged is asked to please as soon as possible mail checks to Misaskim C/O Gradon 176 S. Fuller Ave. LA CA 90036



2 thoughts on “2/8/17

  1. Batya

    Hi my name is Batya I am from Brooklyn Ny I am 20 years old and i have no words to tell u how much ur little boy has impacted my life, I followed all the updates, davened endlessly and continue to daven for his Neshama. Your son showed me what it means to be strong in such difficult times, he showed me what it means to be close to hashem and to cling to your spirituality day in and day out, and to never complain thru all of life’s circumstance and I take that with me every day and every minute . Your sons life has showed me and taught me so much and all you have done for him and your strength through it all amazes me till this day! Thank u for sharing his journey it has touched many lives and has impacted us all, I don’t know why I waited till today to share this but I felt you should all know because its been a few months and Eli has not left my mind and I don’t think he ever will. Eli has changed lives , he forever has changed mine and forever changed the world.

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