We will try to update very occasionally on anything that we plan on doing that pertains to Eli.

We can be reached directly by email malkielgradon@yahoo.com or bgradon@gmail.com

We are asking of anyone that has any pictures, videos or stories of Eli at any time during his life to please send them to us. Espicially if they were at the funeral, burial, tehilim or in the hospital.

Thank you for the out pouring of love and support from‎ across the world.

One thought on “10/4/16

  1. Gadi azoulay

    I am at Uman as the shocking news hit me . I am devastated as so many many others. I can’t dijest it. we followed the long treatments . my son David was his classmate . we share with you as you grive the passing of your precious Eli. and may his neshama have an Aliys. Hamakom yenachem etchem verify shar aveley Tzion virushalayim. Gadi Azoulay

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