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with a forever shattered heart I need to write

The Levaya of Elimelech Ben Menachem Mendel Malkiel Gradon (11 years old!) will be Friday morning 9:00AM at Cong Sharei Tefila 7269 Beverly Blvd LA CA 90036. 

We hope to have live video hookup. Info will be sent to the public when and if we have it.

Kevura will be in Mt Carmel Cemetary 6501 Gage Ave. Commerce CA at 11:30

Shiva will be at 176 S Fuller Ave LA CA 90036

Friday from 1:00-3:00
Motzei Shabos right after Shabos until…
Sunday Shachris at 7:00 with Shiva ending for Rosh Hashana at 2:30

We are kindly requesting no one bring any food. It is all arranged already.

Besuros tovos

9/28/16 emergency tehilim

As some of you may or may not know Eli situation isn’t very good right now and as we help him fight this terrible machla we are going to try to have a Tehilim gathering outside our house 176 S Fuller Ave this evening at 7:30-7:45pm (15 minutes) for men, women and children. Please bring a Tehilim.  The house will be closed to the public but we will try to have Eli inside by the window so he can see and be part of it.  No speeches just a few minutes of everyone saying their choice of Prakim Tehilim on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley Yisroel.  ‎

If you can’t make it try to choose that time at home or wherever you maybe to daven for Eli that we should be zoche to a miracle. 

Kesiva vachasima tova


Sorry once again for the lack of updates. It’s been very busy with a lot of chemo, radiation, transfusions, Dr visits etc. Eli is coming along some days better then others. 

I once again call upon anyone locally (out of state, country isn’t an option) who can donate blood on behalf of Eli to please do so. Eli has been averaging 7+ blood transfusions and 10+ platelet transfusions monthly. While we usually don’t have Direct donor platelet transfusions because of the very short shelf life that it has we have 99% of the time direct donor blood thanks to some very regular donors and others who continue to do this chesed. 

Anyone who is able to donate please schedule thru Bikur Cholim office 323-852-1900. They have and continue to be the reason we have this so perfectly arranged. THANK YOU

Tizku lmitzvos  ‎