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Today is Eli Z’L 2nd yartzeit. Its a day we obviously will never forget as there isnt many seconds in our day and home that Eli isnt on the top of our minds.
Many people have done alot to help continue his legacy and in the last year we had many things done bzchus his neshama. Hachnasas sefer tora, shiurim, amongst many other things. This full week in Eli Zaidy kollel, Kollel Merkaz Hatora many of our family and friends donated to have the week of learning all as a zchus laliyas neshama.
Tonight Thursdsy 9/6 at 8:30pm in Bais Medrash Sharei Tora hall (330 N La Brea Ave) Harav Shlomo Einhorn of Yeshivas Yavneh will speak divrei chizuk and azkarah in honor of the yartzeit.
We thank everyone who did, does or continues to do zchusim for Eli and may we be zoche thay this be the last yartzeit before Moshiach and Techias Hamaeisim.
Kesiva vachasima tova


This Wednesday Chuf Av (Aug 1) is the day we should be celebrating Eli Z’L Bar Mitzva. Unfortunately we are left with only amazing memories of who Eli was. Many different ideas have come to mind of how to spend this day or what to do to commemorate it. I have decided to continue to keep Eli legacy going by pledging to do 2 things. One is to sponsor 10 days in Kollel Merkaz Hatorah and the other is to run in January for the Chai Lifeline Marathon in Miami.

Please open your hearts and give to these amazing organizations which surely will be a zchus for Eli on this special day. The goal is to raise at least $7,500 for each one.
Attached are links to donate online to either one. Your heart and generosity are most appreciated.
Team Lifeline link
Kollel Merkaz Hatorah link
Tizku lmitzvos
Malkiel and Bassy Gradon


Just a few things i would like to update.

BH on 9/3/17 were zoche to a healthy baby boy who had his bris 8 days later we named “Simcha” for obvious reasons. He continues every minute to bring us Simcha and nachas BH.
2 weeks after Simcha was born was Chuf Vuv Elul which marked the first yartzeit of Eli AH. We had the hakamas matzeiva. The same evening my father spoke to a large crowd gathered in Kanner Hall. Which was followed by a video on the life of Eli. This video can now be seen on by searching “life of Eli Gradon” its the video thats about 27 minutes long.
This Monday night 10/30/17 is the Chai Lifeline West Coast dinner in LA where myself and Bassy along with my parents have accepted to be honored Lzecher Nishmas Eli AH. We owe Chai Lifeline a tremendous amount of hakaras hatov for being there for Eli and our family from day 1 thru today and forever.


Its been about 135 days since the petira of Eli A’H and not a minute goes by that we dont think of Eli and the ever lasting memories he left us with.

Since the petira we have been thinking of many different ideas of what we can do Lzecher Nishmas Elimelech Ben Menachem Mendel Malkiel and many ideas have come to my mind. For different reasons alot of our ideas will IYH happen but we are going to be focused on one isea for now.
Many of you may know I am involved in Misaskim LA and its a cause very close to my heart and it is something that Eli when he was able helped me and when he couldnt help and was in the hospital always gave me a pass to leave him for a short while to do a delivery or pick up.
I have therefore taken upon myself to significantly expand Misaskim to cover the Valley area and many other areas that we have not been able to cover due to a lack of a truck or enough shiva material to do so. Once we have the money EVERYTHING on the truck and thats being purchased will be as a zchus for Eli. The expected life of the truck and all the material is 15+ years.
While the cost may sound high it includes a new truck, chairs, a few aron kodesh, a few sets of the different nusach, shtenders and many other items we provide. A few close friends and our family have pledged roughly $80,000 but we are still short about $45,000. Anyone that would like to be part of this we would really appreciate.
Anyone that can donate or has pledged is asked to please as soon as possible mail checks to Misaskim C/O Gradon 176 S. Fuller Ave. LA CA 90036




Very touching letter written by a very close family friend Alana Bess
Eli Gradon: The Effects of an Eleven-Year-Old

It was September 29, and almost 3 months ago. As I walked into the auditorium for an assembly after praying to God for Eli Gradon to be cured of his catastrophic cancer, my heart shattered like broken glass. The eleven-year-old boy I had grown up with my entire life had died from the disgusting disease. Shock engulfed me immediately and I could not register the news I was hearing. How could this be happening? How was I in his backyard only a few weeks ago celebrating his eleventh birthday if now he isn’t even alive? After a grieving process, I came to realize that God had more plans for him than to be just another patient at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Eli Gradon affected me personally by teaching me, along with all his loved ones, to cherish family, embrace joy, and connect with God.

With four adorable children and two hilarious parents, the Gradon household never experienced a dull, laughter-free moment. Yet Ari, Eli’s closest brother, took his job as Eli’s roommate very seriously. Whether it ranged from fetching a simple glass of water to notifying their father about how Eli was feeling, Ari rushed to aid his older brother in any possible way with zero sense of reluctance. If Eli felt the slightest bolt of pain in even the dead of night, Ari would not think twice about pushing his blankets off himself to help him. Without Ari there to support him through every step of his tumultuous journey, Eli would have been a lonely child. Eli and Ari were the best of friends, and how could you lose a brother? I appreciate the seemingly effortless actions my siblings do for me everyday now because I know they would do the same for me as Ari did for Eli. Their relationship inspired me to always be grateful for my loved ones because life is not infinite.

Eli’s permanent smile was unquestionably contagious. Despite the excruciating treatments he constantly endured, he always radiated light. If an extremely ill boy can focus on life’s positivity, why is it so difficult for us to? We cannot let the stupid things in life steal our happiness. We must be fearless in our search for joy in this world; superficial matters scare us into hiding, which only hurts us as humans. Eli knew that and took matters into his own hands by concentrating on the countless other blessings he possessed. Eli’s death became a defining moment for me by leading me on a diligent search for satisfaction and serenity.

Eli’s direct hotline to God is a connection I envy. Eli had the strongest relationship imaginable with God for a child his age. At only age eleven, he had been setting alarms for himself daily to remember to recite the Shema prayer. On Saturday when I go to his house for Shabbat lunch, I know I will feel an immediate rush of emotions. Half of me will want to cry and grieve his death, but the other half will feel rejuvenated from the presence of his past spirituality. The entrance to their house on Fuller Avenue is an entrance to religious relationships with God. After his death, I felt a change in myself where I concentrated more in my davening daily. The child I grew to know and love was a spiritual beacon of light and hope for every person who crossed roads with him throughout his life.

I cannot begin to conclude this essay without sadness threatening me. As I type this finishing paragraph, my vision blurs with tears. The short life of Elimelech Ben Menachem Mendel Malkiel Gradon impacted me more personally than anyone else in my time. This ode to Eli only highlighted three of his amazing attributes: his appreciation of family, his ability to find the positive in negative situations, and his unbreakable spiritual strength. As the famous American writer Oliver Herford once said, only the young die good. Eli passed on in the noblest matter; he left fighting for what he believed in. I can only hope he relayed some of his admirable qualities onto me. Eli’s death does not define me. What defines me is the fact that I will move on in life soon enough with the lessons I learned from him. I will take one step backward and two steps forward.


We will try to update very occasionally on anything that we plan on doing that pertains to Eli.

We can be reached directly by email or

We are asking of anyone that has any pictures, videos or stories of Eli at any time during his life to please send them to us. Espicially if they were at the funeral, burial, tehilim or in the hospital.

Thank you for the out pouring of love and support from‎ across the world.


with a forever shattered heart I need to write

The Levaya of Elimelech Ben Menachem Mendel Malkiel Gradon (11 years old!) will be Friday morning 9:00AM at Cong Sharei Tefila 7269 Beverly Blvd LA CA 90036. 

We hope to have live video hookup. Info will be sent to the public when and if we have it.

Kevura will be in Mt Carmel Cemetary 6501 Gage Ave. Commerce CA at 11:30

Shiva will be at 176 S Fuller Ave LA CA 90036

Friday from 1:00-3:00
Motzei Shabos right after Shabos until…
Sunday Shachris at 7:00 with Shiva ending for Rosh Hashana at 2:30

We are kindly requesting no one bring any food. It is all arranged already.

Besuros tovos

9/28/16 emergency tehilim

As some of you may or may not know Eli situation isn’t very good right now and as we help him fight this terrible machla we are going to try to have a Tehilim gathering outside our house 176 S Fuller Ave this evening at 7:30-7:45pm (15 minutes) for men, women and children. Please bring a Tehilim.  The house will be closed to the public but we will try to have Eli inside by the window so he can see and be part of it.  No speeches just a few minutes of everyone saying their choice of Prakim Tehilim on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley Yisroel.  ‎

If you can’t make it try to choose that time at home or wherever you maybe to daven for Eli that we should be zoche to a miracle. 

Kesiva vachasima tova