Monthly Archives: June 2016


Sorry for the complete lack of postings lately. 

Eli just finished 3 intense weeks of daily radiation‎ and as a result has low blood counts and I need of many blood and platelet transfusions. During the last 40+ months that Eli has so bravely fought this disease there has almost never been a time that he didn’t get a direct donor blood transfusion. In fact there has been HUNDREDS of blood direct donor transfusions give to Eli. 

Currently there is a very low amount of blood in Elis personal blood bank at CHLA and I’m asking of anyone that can to please donate for Eli. The reason I’m asking now more then ever is ‎this week Eli had a bad reaction to the blood transfusion and it was one of the maybe 2-3 times he’s ever gotten a non direct donor unit of blood. 

If you are available please first schedule it with the Bikur Cholim office so that we don’t get to much either and to minimize the time needed at the hospital. Please call 323-852-1900. 

Tizku lmitzvos
Thanks so much‎