We finally received the phone call late last night that we were waiting on for a few weeks “the surgeon has an available spot for Eli on Monday 4/1”. We of course said yes even though its Pesach but the rov said being that its pikuach nefesh we should take it. So I immediately took Eli to CHLA to check his blood and then the bad news came his blood and platelets were low and even though he will be getting blood and possibly platelets on Friday that isn’t good enough for the surgery as he needs to have a week with good blood counts without having any blood transfusions. So the good news is we will IYH be home to enjoy the 2nd days of Pesach the bad news we have to wait again for the next availability.

We spent the day today at Legoland in San diego which was a huge shlep and while the kids enjoyed I can honestly say I don’t think I or they ever want to return. The drive was long and there is a lot better entertainment a lot closer. BH Eli had the strength and the will to get on some rides and laugh and enjoy so for us it was worth going just for that. On Friday we will be back in CHLA like I mentioned for a blood transfusion and possibly a little more.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya and the many other local and not so local cholim in mind. We saw a lot of people today that have gone thru or are going thru what we are going thru and its a chizuk to see them all doing what they can to pull thru knowing that they will all win the fight and we will see all cholim get what we and they all wish for a FULL refua BKAROV. A Gut Moed