With each passing good day that Eli keeps improving physically we adjust what we do and don’t let him do. Instead of wanting him to just rest and relax he goes out a lot to do exercise such as walks not in a stroller. So BH we continue although slowly to definitely see physical improvement. Friday and shabos is Elis happiest days of the week as he really enjoys going to shul for all the tefilos so we did that of course.

The next few weeks will be very trying as we were under the impression that Eli would beezrat hashem have surgery right after Pesach but we have been notified by the surgeon that he is completely booked until the begining of May which poses many problems. So we are first on a standby list that if there are any cancellations we will be in NY as quick as physically possible. At the same time Elis blood counts have to be well enough to do the surgery so we will hope that his counts stay high and that the surgeon will be able to squeeze us in.

We hope and look forward to a quiet, peaceful and uneventful yom tov for Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim. And we look to seeing him only improve with each passing minute.