Eli or Elimelech Ben Basya is our 2nd child. He is always there with the right answer and the perfect smile. Eli was born on 8/25/05 and is in Toras Emes academy in 2nd grade.

In the middle of August 2012 Eli began having extreme lower left abdominal pain only at night while he was asleep or in bed. We took him a few times to the emergency room and the told us that it’s gas or constipation or a combination of both. The pain over the next month would start to subside however right after Succos (mid-end of October) the pain came back full force and we really began to worry. Next Eli began to lose some weight and always seemed to be exhausted. Next he ran a pretty hi fever for a week, at which point we decided to take a blood test. The blood test for the most part came back ok aside from something called the SED rate which generally just tells you if you have inflammation or a virus and that number was pretty high.

Our pediatric doctor Dr. Kisheneff (who has been there EVERY step of the way morning,lunch,afternoon and night) told us to go to a gastrenologist which we did and he said based on his symptoms we should take a CT scan. We were advised that although Eli’s SED rate was pretty high we should hold off on the CT scan because of the extreme levels of radiation. We held off but we continued to closely monitor Eli and continued to do a barrage of blood tests for everything that different doctors recommended. Nothing came back as being positive however his SED rate climbed even higher.

At this point Dr Kisheneff advised us to take a ultrasound which we did and discovered that Eli had enlarged lymph nodes but not terribly enlarged. The strange part was that they were only enlarged in his belly and not by his neck or underarms (which normally would be the case if his nodes were enlarged). At that point we went to Children’s hospital and saw Dr. Freyer who is a hymotologist (blood doctor) who ruled out lymphoma based on the above facts but said that since Eli’s SED rate had become alarmingly high at this point he said the only test left to take was a CT scan. So we scheduled for the scan 3 days later. For a CT scan you may not eat or drink for many hours prior to the test other then the drink they give you which is to highlight the problem areas. Not eating or drinking wasn’t fun but Eli did it like he does everything like a champ.

Very shortly after he was done the CT scan our worst nightmare was confirmed. Eli has cancer!!!! Wow what do we do who do we turn to? How can and will we handle this? Once again DR Kisheneff along with DR Adler from CHLA who also had been advising us all along were both there to direct us. Unfortunately for them but fortunate for us we have a few local friends who have been down the same road with one of their kids were unbeleivable and instrumental in guiding us and coaching us thru the long scary beginning process.

And that leaves us here with the daily blog update on Elimelech Ben Basyas condition and situation.

Thank gd we have extremely helpful parents, siblings, family and friends and we know with their help and with our doctors help and most mportantly hashems help we will win this chapter and see Eli live healthy until 120.

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  1. Rochie (Ribiat) Feldman

    Hi Bassy and Malikiel, I just wanted to let you know that we are davening that Eli should have a refuah shelaimah bekarov, and we will have all of you in mind in our tefillos.

  2. mirel

    Hi Bassy, long time no speak. I know your’e going through a challenging time. just wanted to let you know your’e in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you strength in this time, and bright future with Eli and the rest of your beautiful kids, stay strong. Mirel Goldwasser (Yoffe)

  3. Ruchie (weil) Kramer

    Hi Bassy & Malkiel We are constantly thinking about you and davening for Eli. Hashem should just give you strength and he should have a speedy refuah. we are here for you always. Tzvi and Ruchie Kramer

  4. ester furst

    May Hashem continue to give you the strength to get to the ‘other side’ . You are all in my tefilos…..

  5. Moshe Raider

    I came across this blog by accident. I was reading another blog and there was a link to this one. I went to Yeshivah in Peekskill with Malkiel and if Eli is as tough as his father is, the machla doesn’t stand a chance. May Hashem, the Rofeh Chol Basar, grant Eli a complete Refuas Hanefesh and Refuas Haguf, besoch shar cholei yisorel. May he grant you the Koach to carry on this battle!

    Moshe Raider
    Passaic, NJ

  6. Honey (safdieh) jurrist

    Hi Bassie , I’m so glad that I found u on instagram . I just heard about ur son and I’m so sorry I want you to know he will be in our prayers every day , hashem should give u and your husband the streagnth to deal with this hard situation and I hope he has a speedy and painless recovery

  7. Malky Glatt

    Hi Bassy, It’s Malky Glatt ( benedikt ) just wanted to say hello and let you know we are constantly thinking and davening for your son Eli. May you continue to have much strength and may he have an easy and quick recovery.

    Best regards!

  8. Leah (Grunberger) Netzer

    Hi Bassy,
    Just came across your blog, Eli seems like the sweetest most amazing little boy.
    May Hashem continue to give you, Malkiel & Eli the strength to fight this,
    Davening for him.
    Leah Netzer (Grunberger)

  9. Ploni Almoni

    Good morning
    I came across this website via a link from another one.
    I do not know you or any of your family members but what I do know is that you
    are currently experiencing a great nisayon and I will add Eli’s name to my choleh list in my local shul where I happen to be the gabbai.
    Eli has a beautiful chein which I am sure he got from his parents.
    The tears of all the yidden davening for Eli will IY”H bring him a refuah sheleima so that he can grow up and continue to be a source of Yiddishe nachas for his family and klal Yisroel

  10. Ariella Schulman

    My name is Ariella Schulman (leiter) I do not know you but I Came across Elis Instagram by accident and from there this blog. I am so inspired by Eli and his palpable simchas hachaim! Just from the pictures it is clear that Eli is a person that generates happiness! After reading this blog i am in awe of your devotion and strength as parents. You are certainly people that we can all look up to! Wishing and davening for a refua shleima for Eli!

  11. Ruthie

    I came across this website when watching a video of 8th day singing with Eli, BH he looks like a gorgeous child. IYH I hope to hear only good news from you. Wishing Eli a complete Refua Sheleima. May H-shem give you the strength and ability to do all that you can and may you have many good news and simchas to share only. Davening for Eli and may he betoch shear kol cholei amcha yisrael IYH merit a speedy Refua Sheleima and may we all see Mashiach very soon.

  12. Pessie Schlafrig

    I came across this website and remembered a conversation I had with a dad from England about a new treatment in Vienna for children with relapsed neuroblastoma. Please contact me if you want more information.

  13. Chana nourollah

    Hey bassy!!

    Just noticed this website on Eli’s Instagram, and just wanted you to know, you guys as parents are so incredible and so strong -such an inspiration to everyone around you! Eli is always in my tefillos! Such an amazing and strong boy he is! We are all davening that this will all be over soon, and that Eli will have a complete refuah shelema and be stronger and healthier then ever! So glad I got to meet you! Your truly amazing!


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