Monthly Archives: August 2015


Eli just finished another round of chemo today and BH for the most part went well. We spent a good part of Monday night in the ER with a very low grade fever but after monitoring Eli and taking blood cultures they discharged Eli. On Tuesday 8/25 was Eli’s 10th English birthday (Chuf Av was hebrew) we celebrated it with his DR and nurses with a cake and pizza in the infusion center while getting chemo. The brocha Eli gives everyone always is “you should live until 120” and we like to say “kol hamisborech yevarech” and IYH Eli will live in good health to 120. 

Eli’s blood counts were not as high as we would of liked them this week so he got both a blood and platelet transfusion which hopefully did the trick. Next week IYH is a full set of scans which on Tuesday they will first make sure Eli’s blood counts are up to where they want them and if they are not they will transfuse. WED morn they will do the bone marrow biopsy, Thurs at noon they will give the MIBG injection followed by a Friday morning MIBG scan. These scans will beezrat hashem guide us as to what, where and when the future treatments will be and where they will take place. 

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya and the many cholim that need a refua in your tefilos. A GUT SHABOS


Eli got home WED night after a great private flight and was right back to himself. Friday we were at CHLA first in the morning for labs which BH were good and no transfusions were needed and then again in the afternoon to meet with the DR. 

After discussing and meeting Eli’s regular oncologist in LA we have beezrat hashem decided that we will go ahead and be doing chemo this week Monday-Friday and then take the regular 2 week in between break and then do one more round. After that round at the end of Aug or begining of Sep Eli will IYH have all scans done again and based on those scans it will be decided if to continue or at that point to go to NY and do the studies they have at MSKCC. DR Kushner agrees with this plan as well as since it has BAH worked very well the last 7 months no reason to just stop it now. 

Please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos. ‎