Today was what I somewhat was warned about but until we were actually in it do you realize what its about. Eli was hooked up to the immunotherapy IV at about 10:30AM and almost right away started having extreme pain. They had him on a few different medications to help ease it but until it actually kicked in wasn’t until after 1:30. Once the meds were in his system he wasn’t screaming in pain anymore and was a lot more calm and pulled thru the rest of the day with minimal pain. He was VERY drugged up on morphine and kept dozing off.

Finally after 10 hours at 8:30PM day 1 of 4 of this round was complete and the IV for the immunotherapy was removed and they will be slowly thru the night be weaning Eli off of the pain meds. So far so good there and he isn’t complaining and I pushed him to pull himself out of bed for our traditional few minute walk for some fresh air late this evening. BH he is back in bed and seems to be resting comfortably now and isn’t complaining and is a lot less drugged up then he was earlier. He hasn’t eaten at all today but he’s on TPN so its not a concern. He is drinking plenty even though he doesn’t need to as he is on hydration IV all the time.

There were 2 literally MIRACLES today in the cancer world that even though we didn’t have an easy day these carried us thru the day. Chaya Mushka Bas Haddasa Shaina was completely finished her rough treatment about 2 weeks ago and went for her final scans. The dreaded call came to her parents a few days later that the scans were not clear and they felt that she would need a lot more additional treatments. Bchasdei hashem this morning she went into the OR and the DRs realized that what they saw on the scan was scar tissue from the radiation and she will not need more treatment and is in fact clean and will beezrat hashem stay that way until 120. We thank her parents for the continued chizuk and lessons in emunah and bitachon that they have given us daily.

The second story was someone very close to us was diagnosed with lymphoma about a week ago and the only question was what type it was. He had a biopsy done right before RH and when he went today for the results he was informed that it is not lymphoma and is just a virus and with antibiotics will be fine in beezrat hashem a few short days. Two unreal stories that I personally know in one day versus the usual 2 stories the opposite way. We should be zoche that this is the new trend.

Elimelech Ben Basya can use some good mazal now also so that the remaining 3 treatments of this week and the other 6 rounds should go pain free as it is potentially very painful for him and extremely painful for us to watch another minute of Eli in pain. Please have him bsoch shaar choley yisroel in your tefilos, kabalos etc.

Looking forward to an easier better day IYH Tuesday.