Halfway thru this treatment and the next 2 days can’t come and end quick enough. Eli had a pretty rough night with fevers (very normal and expected from the immunotherapy) and being harassed every hour to check his vital signs and temperature. Once he was back on the immunotherapy IV today it surprisingly wasn’t as bad as yesterday but definitely wasn’t great either. It ran for 10 hours which is the quickest it can get done so at least BH there were no major concerns while it ran.

Being that he is on a lot of meds he is sleeping a lot and hopefully will get somewhat of a normal night sleep which we both can use. The immunotherapy also makes it hard for him to relieve himself so at night he has to go quite often to make up for It. On the other hand it is also giving his gut and diarrhea a much needed break so hopefully something positive will come from that.

Looking forward to a easier day on Wed for Eliemelch Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel and hopefully things will move as quickly and easily as possible. We look forward to IYH leaving CHLA sometime early on Friday.