Eli got a late start to the day because his IV hadn’t finished by the time school started so he went a little late but had a good productive day at school. Once he got home at 1PM he relaxed, ate and got out with his Sori, Ari and Bassy. We got the call late this morning that they wanted Eli to check into CHLA at 9PM.

After going thru the admission process Eli finally settled into his bed just after 10PM where they ran a series of regular admitting tests and oddly his hemo levels were slightly low so they started the night off with a blood transfusion to bring those #s to the levels they should be at. The low levels may explain his slightly weaker state the last few days but is also very normal.

The plan is to start the immunotherapy IV between 9-10AM and if all beezrat hashem goes well it will last most of the day and be shut off for the night.

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in your tefilos etc that all should go easy and smoothly this week and for the remainder of the treatments.