Elis appointments on Wed were meant to take a few hours and get us home close to YT with the final test at 4:30PM but BH somehow we were home after all appointments before 4PM!! We received the results which were all good and were to make sure that Eli met criteria to begin Sunday night immunotherapy. Being that immunotherapy isn’t FDA approved yet they need to officially put Eli on a study program and to be part of it certain numbers needed to be met which he did meet.

Eli felt very strong over RH and made it to every tefila over the 3 day YT. He davened and sat for a nice amount of time. As part of the study scheduled to begin on Sunday Eli needs to take a shot every day for the 3 days prior to being admitted which I can’t stand giving and he is extremely scared of. Once again he took it starting on Friday and after making a fuss before the shot once he agreed it went bli ayin hora very well.

The plan is for Eli IYH to go to school on Sunday morning and spend the afternoon relaxing with all of us before he needs to check in sometime Sunday evening to start hydration and for the immunotherapy to start Monday morning and end Thursday night followed by more hydration and then beezrat hashem discharge Friday morning. This will be the schedule each time he goes in for immunotherapy which will be for a total of 7 times of Sunday evening to Friday morning.

There is unfortunately a high probability that this will cause pain and high fevers while being inpatient. He will be closely monitored and will be on a morphine drip and anything else he may need to help keep him comfortable during the planned 10-12 hours that he will be on the IV daily for the 4 days. The good news is that once he’s off of the IV on Friday there shouldn’t be any side effects.

As the new year begins and what beezrat hashem is the final impatient phase of Elimelech Ben Basyas treatment plan please keep him in mind in hopes that things will go easier then planned and better then planned. Also there are many cholim that are in desperate needs of our tefilos let this be the year that they ALL receive what they so desperately need which is a refua shelayma BKAROV. Have an easy fast and Gmar Chasima Tova. A GUT VOCH and A GUT YUHR