Friday night was not fun as Eli was extremely weak and needed to be carried around. But BH already Shabos morning he had gained some strength and was able to get around the house on his own. He did take a few naps during the day as he didn’t sleep much Friday night. And again by late Shabos evening he finally asked for some light food. So all in all it seems like he is making progress.

This week we hope to get Eli fully back on his feet so he can enjoy YT. There is just one short DR appt this week and IYH nothing until he needs to check back into CHLA on Sunday right after Succos.

I received many calls, emails, texts since RH and these last few days of friends, family and many others that I have never met that have kept Elimelech Ben Basya always in their tefilos and especially over the yomim noraim and all I can say is TIZKU LMITZVOS and IYH it will be a real zchus and help on the road to Elis Refua Shelayma BKAROV. A GUT VOCH