BH this brutal and painful week is coming to a close. After driving the staff at CHLA nuts to let us go home as early as possible we succeeded and Eli was home by 9:30AM. He is extremely weak and not himself at all but they say it is normal and should take a day or so let’s hope they are right. The pain and suffering Eli went thru and what we witnessed this week should be a “kapparah for gantz klal yisroel”.

No idea how Eli or we survived the week or how we will the next 6 rounds but somehow we will. There is nothing harder then watching your child in pain and there isn’t much you can do about it. Sometimes a person is in pain and after a few minutes or an hour it gets better or goes away this brutality goes on and on for 10 hours daily and as the week and weeks progress only gets more painful. Enough said

Please have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind this YK and always and may we be zoche to a GCT and let the world stop having suffering, pain and sick people. We all deserve to see the geulah and have nachas, parnasah and most of all gezunt from all of our families, friends and yidden. Have an easy fast.

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