Its taking longer then we had hoped for to see Eli back at the strength he was prior to beginning the immunotherapy. We asked many times prior to being discharged how soon after should Eli be himself and they said pretty much right away like not more then the next day. Unfortunately we haven’t been that lucky but hopefully we will see significant improvement on Monday and as the days move on. Eli remains extremely weak and not up to anything.

On Tuesday he goes back for an appointment and hopefully by then Eli should be back on full strength so he can enjoy YT together with the family. We have spoken to the hospital and they said as long as he is drinking and doesn’t have fever its normal. Hard to watch and see but IYH as Eli has always bounced back this will be no different we just need it to pick up speed.

Please have Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in all your tefilos.