This morning shortly after Eli woke up he was taken downstairs to have his MIBG scan. Hopefully no one will ever know what that machine or room looks like but its a big ugly machine that scans each portion of the body and it scans every bone to make sure that whatever disease was there is either not there, shrinking etc. It takes about 90 minutes for the scan to be complete which during the scan you can not move at all or the pictures will be unclear. For anyone let a lone an 8 year old to lay still for 90 minutes is plenty hard let alone if their last name is Gradon. But BH Eli the champ did it and once again bli ayin hora we got great results a few hours after the scan was done. All areas that were once affected with disease are now completely clear.

On Thursday morning Eli will be brought downstairs again to have his bone marrow biopsied to make sure IYH it is clear also. The procedure requires general anesthesia however it is less then 10 minute procedure. Eli continues to be on the TPN and BH has had no reaction to it and the doctors are satisfied and hopefully Eli will be able to go home earlier then originally planned for.

Please daven that we should continue to have clear and clean results on all scans and that Elimelech Ben Basya will take well to this TPN that he will need to be on for the foreseeable future.

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