Eli had a pretty good night sleep something he hasn’t had in a few weeks as he didn’t need to use the bathroom every few hours. He had no complications or side effects from the TPN bli ayin hora and he has began now the next round of it and will beezrat hashem have the same results tonight and as long as he needs this.

He received what’s called a MIBG injection this afternoon in preparation for the MIBG scan on Wednesday at 10AM which takes about 90 minutes of keeping Eli still while they scan every bone in his body.

Eli was visited by some friends today which he enjoyed and appreciated 2 of them which sat with him for a few hours so that Bassy and I can get a few things done. He was also visited by Alyssa Weisel who is our social worker from Chai Lifeline who brought him a whole bunch of special gifts and memorabilia from last nights Dodger baseball game something which we were meant to be at but missed as a result of being admitted. Alyssa has gone 24/7 out of her way for Eli and our family always thinking of what else she can do to help Eli and the entire family have an easier time with all of this going on. We can’t thank her enough for her efforts and we can’t ever thank Chai Lifeline for all they always do.

On a extremely sad note Mrs Avigail Rechnitz who I asked a few weeks ago for everyone to keep in their tefilos was niftar this morning. This has left a void in the world. She was a isha chashuvah that lived for her husband, 3 perfect kids, family and for the rest of the world. There was never a moment that she thought of herself always and only for others. At a very emotional levaya this evening which we heard at length of only some of her chasadim and love for her family it wasn’t mentioned what we hope and daven for which is that she will be the last korban of this terrible machla as in her zchus and her being a mailitz yosher for all cancer patients the C word will be no longer in existence. May her special family be zoche to only simchas.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that this unexpected unplanned stay in CHLA will end soon with the right medication and in good health and that IYH the scans will continue to yield only the best results and that we should get them as quick as possible.