Eli needed to be woken up for the scheduled 9AM bone marrow procedure which was delayed a few minutes but BH went well and Eli was back in his room before 11:30. Soon after getting to the room the on call DR came in with the good news that Elis body took well bli ayin hora to the TPN and they have arranged for him to continue it at home. So after planning on being inpatient for close to a week we were able to leave after 3 days which was a huge relief to Eli and us.

As of now for the next while Eli will need to be on TPN at home which takes a lot of preparation to ready the IV and it runs for 12 hours every night. The goal is to try to fatten him up so he can gain much needed weight and strength. As of now there isn’t much else planned as far as appointments other then some small tests. The next big thing is immunotherapy scheduled to begin the 2nd week of Sep IYH.

Please as always daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that he should continue to take well to this TPN and it should do what its set to do. We also hope that the bone marrow results will come to us small possibility before shabos but if not on Monday and hope to continue to see favorable results.