Eli is already pretty well adjusted to the NG tube and hasn’t complained about it today at all. He woke up late after going to sleep late and so far things have hopefully began to head in the right direction. While he is still have diahrea it seems to of slowed down a little bit. He also bli ayin hora gained a little weight. Both are very good signs which we hope will continue on a quicker pace. They started on one formula for the feeding tube and now are trying a second one and then will decide if its working and how much to do and for how long to do it.

Over the last 8+ months we have learned many times over that you always have to have someone with a child or patient in the hospital to “oversee” the nurses and today was a prime example of that. They were meant to change the formula and pick up the speed as the first formula didn’t seem to be any help and instead the nurse was about to pick up the speed of the formula that wasn’t working. It happened not to be her fault as she was just following the computer the fault was the DR who ordered it and only changed the speed and not the formula.

BH Eli had round 4 of 12 of radiation and things seem to be pretty smooth and with no side effects as long as he takes the nausea medication prior to it.

Beezrat hashem things will move along and we will have a good day on Friday for Elimelech Ben Basya and will see positive weight gains.

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  1. Mordy

    Just a thought: Maybe we should start leaving short comments of chizuk , which might be beneficial to Malkiel and family. Chazak V’ematz to the beautiful Gradon family! We all think about you and daven for you daily!

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