After a good night sleep and a good breakfast it was back to CHLA at 11AM. After going thru the admitting process and getting to the room and settling down it was 1PM. After just a few minutes it was time for radiation round 3 of 12 which was very quick once again and BH had no side effects. We got back to Elis room and had discussions with a lot of different staff as to what we feel and what they feel is the best way to go to get Eli to gain some much needed weight. We spoke with the surgeon in NY, his old DR, a GI, a dietary consultant and the oncologist. We decided to go ahead and try the NG tube and see if helps at all. Finally at about 6:30 they inserted the tube which takes about 30 seconds to do and isn’t painful just not pretty or comfortable.

Slowly Eli is adjusting to this tube now hanging from his nose which stretches deep into his stomach and has lots of nutrition going thru it. Hopefully he will get a much needed good nights sleep and will continue to adjust to this tube. They will know by Thursday or Friday if they feel it is doing what they want it to do and will decide and plan on the course of action from there. In the meantime he is inpatient and only connected to this tube and no IVs.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel as we try to get to the bottom of the diahrrea problem and the loss of weight. IYH we will see quick and good progress so we can help Eli get back to full weight, strength and health and be zoche to a refua shelayma.

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