Bli ayin hora late this afternoon Eli went to the bathroom and for the first time since April 6th (surgery) he didn’t have diahrea!! It seems like the medication and NG tube are having a positive effect. Eli as usual is in good spirits and enjoyed that a lot of the family, uncles, zaidy and cousins came to visit before shabos. This Shabos Chuf Av is Elis hebrew birthday so his room is decorated with balloons and signs etc (thank you Tante Shevy). We look forward to 112 more birthdays for Eli in good health.

Eli had his 5th of 12 radiation today and BH continues to go smoothly. They are also slowly raising the amount they are putting into his feeding tube and BH he hasn’t had any problems with that. We will be spending Shabos here at CHLA but hopefully on Sunday he will beezrat hashem be able to go home from this unexpected hospital visit and hopefully he will be stronger and weigh more then he has by then and only continue that way.

Today the LA community and the world are all davening for many of its cholim but one in particular that is in desperate need of rachmay shomayim Ruchama Avigayil Maima Rochel bas Rifka Penina who is local woman whose tzidkus knows no boundaries and IYH we will all be zoche to see her bsoch shaar choley yisroel have a refua shelayma so she can continue her chasadim and be with her family in good health.

Shabos hi melizuk these days isn’t taken for granted and we daven to take those words literally for Elimelech Ben Basya and unfortunately to many other cholim. A GUT SHABOS