The morning started off very good with Eli eating and relaxing. He then went to play with his cousins by his bubby and zaidys house. At 1:30 it was time to go back for day 2 of 12 of radiation which went very well and we were out in a few short minutes and were headed for his 3:00PM with his DR. Unfortunately that did not go well at all. Although he has been eating a very nice amount his continuous diarrhea has taken its toll and he has lost more weight to a dangerously low level.

This had the DR extremely concerned and even though we have been saying this for a few months they finally agreed that they need to take action. As a result they have decided the next step will have to be a NG tube which is a line that goes thru the nose and will serve as a temporary feeding tube. It does not require anesthesia to put it in but it will require Eli to be inpatient for a minimum of 72 hours!!! Not at all what we or he wanted to hear but at the same time we can’t bare to see him as skinny and frail as he has gotten. This NG tube will feed him as well as the regular foods he can continue to eat but the tube will stay for at least 30 days and isn’t exactly the prettiest looking thing. We need to do what we need to do to get Eli gaining weight. Beezrat hashem this will do the trick and then hopefully thru other medications they will be able to figure out how to control the diarrhea or at least slow it down.

Eli will IYH continue with the radiation while he is in inpatient at CHLA and hopefully they will have a bed for him as early as possible so Eli can get in and get out as soon as they allow most probably after Shabos.

This evening to give Eli some enjoyment prior to his hospitalization he came along to a very close family friend of ours chuppa and really enjoyed every minute and it also really lifted his spirits after having to put it mildly a rough afternoon which as usual he took in stride and understood that we are only doing all this so in order to reach the ultimate goal of nothing less then a refua shelayma.

Elimelech Ben Basya will need our tefilos the next few days as this will be a test on his and our sanity as well as what we hope will do the trick to finally get him to gain weight and strength.

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