Eli had a very quiet uneventful relaxed day. His blood and platelet counts have began to drop finally but still have a way to go until they have bottomed out before they will IYH rise again. Aside from being pretty weak he felt fine ate a few things and was fed the rest thru his IV.

He had some family and friends come visit him and enjoyed some new toys and games he got. We hope even as his numbers do drop that his mood will somewhat still be upbeat. He has now been here for more then 10 days and is roughly about a third of the way thru this long process IYH. It is definitely starting to take a toll on him being that he is basically confined to a bed and isn’t allowed to leave his room for fear or germs etc.

We hope this process will be as quick and painless as possible for Elimelech Ben Basya and hope to see him get thru this and be zoche to a refua shelayma BKAROV.