Shabos in the hospital was as good as we could of hoped for. We enjoyed a Friday night meal together with Eli and even watched him eat a few bites. He is now on IV receiving all his nutrients and hydration to keep him from further losing any weight. Other then getting a little bit nauseous late motzei shabos Eli was still in a great mood and was extremely talkative and active for all of shabos. We spent the day Davening, eating, playing games, resting and enjoying Elis humor. Once again Eli was visited by a few friends and family and really enjoyed their company.

While we are not complaining that BH Eli is feeling very good there is one problem with it which is that unfortunately the side effects from the treatments he received over the last 10 days or so cause his blood counts to be extremely low and some mouth sores. And so far Elis blood counts are pretty high which isn’t that unusual but the longer it takes to fall the longer he will have to be in CHLA. They need to fall in order to rebuild. Beezrat hashem whatever has to happen will happen and will move as quickly and with the least pain or side effects as possible. Other then the IV tube feeding and hydrating Eli he isn’t on much of any other meds however as his blood counts drop they will be giving him blood and platelet transfusions and if needed pain medication.

We hope and daven that things will only move in the right direction and move there quick and painless for Elimelech Ben Basya. A GUT VOCH and A GUT CHODESH.