Unfortunately today was the start of what we were warned about. Eli was nauseous for a good part of the day and was also in a lot of pain. His blood counts took a pretty sharp dive but still haven’t at all bottomed out. Basically what it seems is that he is expected to have a pretty rough 6-10 days ahead. While we knew this was very likely to happen your never quite ready until it actually happens.

What happens from here is his blood counts will continue to drop for a little bit longer and then he will most probably need a series of blood and platelet transfusion to help bring the counts back. Once that happens they will wait until he could on his own bring and hold the blood and platelet counts steady without chas vshalom dipping again or getting fever. BH the good news is that the pain medication has been working and Eli will continue to get them until he doesn’t need it. The more he sleeps the better off he is and the less IYH he will remember when they is all behind us. Today was the 12th day of what’s expected to be about 30 days and hopefully Eli will be lucky and have it as easy and as quick as possible.

The next few days and weeks we know will be very trying but beezrat hashem when its all over Elimelech Ben Basya will be stronger then he’s been in a while and on the road to a refua shelayma.