Eli had a good night sleep and woke up later then he has been and was in the same good mood he went to sleep in. He spent the morning relaxing and playing many different games. The nurse told us that the stem cell transplant will take place at 1PM. It began at about 1:15PM and was done before 1:25PM and BH went very smoothly. Basically what they did was about 5 months ago they took Elis stem cells and had them frozen in anticipation of today. It was stored in a IV bag and with a team of doctors and transplant nurses they hooked it up to his IV and let it run thru his central line until every last drop was in Elis system.

Bli ayin hora all went easy and smooth and the potential immediate nausea we were told about BH didn’t pan out and aside from being tired from the meds they gave him prior to the transplant he was and is BH totally fine. He even decided to eat a bag of snack which is more then he’s eaten in a few days. They will IYH begin feeding Eli nutrients thru his IV tonight and until he is able and wants to eat enough on his own.

Both Bassy and I will be in CHLA with Eli for Shabos and Sori and Ari will be spending Shabos in Pico with my parents who we need a separate book for just to try to keep track of the amount they have done for us always and especially since Elis diagnosis.

We hope and daven that the many side effects expected from this last round of treatment will not happen. Elimelech Ben Basya continues to be a pro and a non complainer and beezrat hashem he will have no pain and nothing to complain about. A GUT SHABOS and A GUT CHODESH