Aside from not being in the mood of eating or drinking Eli had a really good day bli ayin hora. He hardly felt nauseous and he was laughing and playing games all day. Later in the afternoon our rov Rabbi and Mrs Langer came to visit Eli and really made him feel special. Eli was also visited by some friends of ours one of them added to Elis big collection of electronics with the addition of a PSVista. The many smiles Eli had and brought to everyone else and the great mood he was in we hope will continue and carry him thru the next few weeks.

On Friday is the big day when he will IYH be having the stem cell transplant. It is a very short infusion which takes less then 10 minutes and hopefully will be the beginning of rebuilding Elis immune system. Over the next few weeks they expect Elis blood counts to be extremely low and will most probably need many blood transfusions and platelets. Anyone that can donate should please be in contact with the tzadikim at Bikur Cholim 323-852-1900 to coordinate.

Today was the day our friends the Brechers have been waiting 15 months for which was that Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah had his last treatment. The help, knowledge and assistance they have given us with Eli has really been nothing short of amazing. Watching them go thru some very tough days and them watching us to and always there to give us chizuk we can’t and don’t have enough hakoras hatov. We bentch them that they should ONLY see nachas and gezunt from Benny and all of their family.

We will be davening extra on Friday that the stem cell transplant will go as planned and that it should only do what its meant to do on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya.