Treatment and recovery are both well underway and as I write this post Eli is bli ayin hora in middle of his final dose of chemo 16 of 16. There still remains one final one time dose that IYH will take place on Wed and then we look forward to never saying the word “chemo” ever again in our or anyone elses life. While things have for the most part gone as smooth as possible Eli did have a small complication come up which is a infection in his diarrhea which is being treated by very strong antibiotics that he needs to take 4X a day for the next 7 days. BH this will not effect the transplant and all should IYH continue as planned.

Eli has no planned treatment for Tuesday as they want his body to have a short rest. We hope the next few days and week or so which we have been told to plan on it not being that easy to fly by and go as easy as possible with as little side effects and pain as possible.

On a side note I have not thanked anyone in a long while and I feel the need to do so. Without mentioning names there are some people that have taken being mevaker choleh to a whole new level. The non stop gifts, games, toys and letters from one family. The daily texts and weekly mailed letters from 3000 miles away from another. The food brought to us in the hospital and at home numerous times daily. The few people that have yet to ever say no for anything we ever need. The extra love and care for Sori and Ari in school. The endless texts and cards to Eli from his morah and class. The love and chesed we have gotten and continue to receive is way beyond our understanding and not possible to properly show our sincere appreciation. The simple brocha that we can return is that bzchus what everyone has done on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya should be a shield on themselves their families and communities and be zoche to see Eli and all cholim wake up to a instant and full refua and we should never hear another tzorah in our lives again.