Eli is now finished 75 percent of the 16 doses of chemo in this round and we hope that these last 4 doses he will IYH will be the last time we ever hear or say the word chemo in our or anyone elses life. This morning Eli was visited by Sori and Ari who spent a few minutes with Eli asking him many questions. The rest of the day was spent for the most part with Bassy while I got a break. I brought Eli a steak from a bbq and he ate it like old times it was very nice and good to see.

I pushed Eli to go to sleep early as he began to start feeling slightly nauseous right before he went to sleep. Up until now Eli has been in a great mood and eating plenty and IYH that will continue with no side effects. As the days go on we have been told to expect to see nausea, mouth sores and extreme weakness. The doctors have been wrong before and we hope this will be the case now as well. The transplant to my understandings take place when Elis counts are either at zero or extremely low and that happens as a result of the chemo he has been taking and they expect that to happen on Friday. They then start to rebuild his immune system with beezrat hashem no complications.

The next few days and weeks will be very trying on Elimelech Ben Basya and his and our sanity and strength and we know he and we will pull thru IYH with the help of the RBSO and some extra tefilos.