Today was relatively quiet with no treatments on schedule it was a day to let Elis body have a short rest before they give him what we hope is IYH his last dose of chemo. He didn’t quite feel as well as he did the last few days and did get quite nauseous a few times but for the most part he had an ok day. Eli received a visit today from his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs who went completely out of his way as always for Eli and laminated each page of the Chumash he is up to (hospital rules all paper must be laminated in BMT) as always thank you so much rebbi. Closer to the end of the day Eli became extremely exhausted most probably because he hasn’t had any really full night of sleep since he got here and of course also because of all the treatments he is getting.

In this special transplant unit that Eli is in he is assigned a few nurses that become “his team” and whenever they are here will be assigned to him so that they somewhat have an idea of what he likes and what he doesn’t. So far we only have one nurse who is on that team who is extremely caring and nice. Tonights nurse needed a lesson on how to be quiet when someone is sleeping and I think she now understands. Eli did not eat much today and the little he did unfortunately didn’t stay down very long. But this evening he decided he wanted grill cheese so I ran up the street to the home of the local Chabad shliach Rabbi Korf who as always had an open door for us and BH Eli ate that and held it down.

Tomorrow we hope continues to be somewhat easy and quiet for Elimelech Ben Basya as bli ayin hora things have been for the most part better then we prepared ourselves for and hope that it stays this way.