I don’t know what got into Eli but I’m not complaining at all. He was in a great, happy and very spiritual mood the whole shabos. We davened Friday night together in his room and when we got to “Lcha dodi” Eli decided it was time to sing and dance it so we did exactly that I have no idea what the other patients, nurses or doctors thought we were doing but neither do I care. It was a real special 30 minutes that I won’t forget. Due to hospital rules I am unable to eat together with Eli in the room but they allowed for kidush and challa to be eaten together and then I watched Eli eat and when he fell asleep I went to the parents room to eat the seuda.

Once again Eli didn’t have the best night sleep but BH he fell back to sleep for a few extra hours. We once again davened together and played some games and used our imagination for other games. Our afternoon was broken up by some special guests and friends that took the very long hour and half walk each way special to come visit us. Eli as usual did the entertaining and gave them the updates. Bli ayin hora so far so good and we were lucky to have a relaxed enjoyable Shabos. Right after shabos even though Eli ate a very large amount over shabos he still wanted pizza so of course we had that brought right over and it wasn’t until 11:30PM that Eli finally decided time to go to sleep.

Hoping that this week and next few weeks fly by with the main thing being that everything should work out as planned. We should be zoche to see Elimelech Ben Basya finish the stem cell transplant with no pain or side effects beezrat hashem and have a refua shelayma. A GUT VOCH