Beezrat hashem this will be the last time I will ever write GUT SHABOS from CHLA. Eli is bli ayin hora off of ALL IVs and hopefully it will stay that way. The DRs are very happy with how he is doing and coming along. They want to keep Eli on observation to make sure he can hold his own with IYH no fevers or CV any complications.

4 consecutive Shabosim not being home and being in CHLA hasn’t been easy but BH all seems to be moving in the right direction and we hope will continue to stay that way. Rabbi Ten from Bikur Cholim really lifted Elis spirits today when he came to the hospital with the Dushinsky Rebbe and his gaboyim. The rebbe gave Eli many brochos, spoke with Eli and then we all sang a nigun together. The rebbe then continued to give Bassy and myself brochos of only gezunt and yeshua.

Once again thank you to everyone who continues to have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in their tefilos, kabalos, etc. Thank you a few of our true friends who have constantly come to visit us in the hospital and have non stopped offered their assistance in helping with the kids, having Bassy and the kids for Shabos meals, and the many others whose Kugels, cakes, cookies, snacks, shabos food, flowers etc really made this whole ordeal a lot easier for us. THANK YOU. A GUT SHABOS