We got exactly what we have been wanting and davening the last 23 days for the doctors to let Eli GO HOME. BH they were happy with his progress and the fact that he was drinking a sizable amount and holding his blood counts. At 9:30AM the DR came in with the good news and by the time they finished paperwork it was 11:45AM and we were on our way home in a taxi. Keep in mind that initially we went in under the assumption that we will be there for 30 days so 7+ days early was and is a VERY good and big deal. It was the first time Eli had a breath of fresh air since he was admitted and I was already able to see the relief it brought him.

Of course the first thing Eli insisted on when we got home even though he is extremely weak was to go to shul but being that the hour was late and davening was over he gave me the ok to go find Bassy and the kids who were by a friend for the seuda. Eli relaxed most of the afternoon but then insisted on going to shul for mincha. He realized once at shul that it was a little harder then he hoped for and had to go back home after a few short minutes. Over the next few days and weeks we will be working on getting Eli to start eating again and helping him gain some strength and weight.

Please as always keep Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in your tefilos as we continue helping him on the road to a refua shelayma. A GUT VOCH