Not a typical day today but hey when is anything ever typical. My mother who has been with Eli EVERY early morning that he’s been in CHLA for the last 3 weeks is in NY for our nephews Bar Mitzva. Today was also the first day for the Sori and Aris summer vacation. It wasn’t the easiest day to juggle but BH we managed and hope that there won’t be to many more days that we have to juggle as we look forward to this inpatient stay at CHLA to IYH end.

The good news is since Elis blood counts have been very good aside from his platelet count which was low again today and he needed a platelet transfusion again for the 3rd time in 7 days they doctors were comfortable enough to let out of the enclosed BMT unit and into a regular room. There is a huge difference such as we can eat in his room, we can use the bathroom in his room, we don’t need to wear the booties, Eli can leave his room and the list goes on and all of the above mentioned things he wasn’t able to do for the past 3 weeks. We look forward to Eli gaining strength, weight and his spirits and hopefully he will be able to get to go outside and breath some fresh air also for the first time in 3 weeks. Of course the next real big step we hope is to finally get home and try to have some sense of normalcy as a family in our own beds.

The endless amounts of chasadim that Chai Lifeline and Bikur Cholim have done for Eli and our family can’t be described in words. The meals twice a day, food for shabos, entertainment for the kids, games for the kids, arranging donors for blood and platelets and the list doesn’t end. Without them this challenge with Eli would be next to impossible and we can’t thank them enough for helping us out on a daily basis.

This stay at the hospital has definitely been a real test on our sanity and of course mostly on Elimelech Ben Basyas sanity but bli ayin hora things have moved along as good as can be expected and although Eli continues to occasionally run a very low grade fever he continues to make noticeable good progress. Beezrat hashem things will continue to move as quick as possible only in the right direction.