Eli had overall a decent day not as good as we planned but not complaining either. His blood counts continue to rise and they are slowly reducing or completely stopping different IV medications he has been on for quite a while. The goal which Eli isn’t quite ready to do yet is to eat solids. Once he can eat solids and hold it down the doctors will get a better feel that things aare going the way they should.

Keep in mind today was “only” day 19 that Eli has been in the BMT unit and we originally planned and were told to expect to be there 30 days. So anything earlier then that is a brocha that we will very happily take. We will once again try to get Eli to try to eat something so that they can continue removing his hours he’s been on nutrition IV.

On a side note today was a bittersweet day for a few reasons. Eli has not been in school since being diagnosed in Dec about 7+ months ago. However today was the last full day of school for the rest of his class and they sent home all the stuff he had sitting in his desk. We hope beezrat hashem that when school resumes he will be a very active part of his class a class that between the Rebbi, Morah and all the kids have done a tremendous amount for Eli something we will be always grateful to them for.

Secondly today was our 11th anniversary and although we didn’t and weren’t able to spend it together we each did what we set off to do 11 years ago which is to have a family and raise them. So I got to spend most of the day with Eli in CHLA and Bassy spent the morning at Aris kindergarten graduation and then took him home and spent the evening with Sori and Ari together. Although these past few months haven’t been the easiest to put it mildly I can honestly say that there’s no way I would still be semi sane without all Bassy has done as she always has for the past 11 years. We have been through a lot together and have always thru her taken each thing and grown and with Eli that has been taken to the next level. Bassy I hope in the very near future to celebrate our anniversary and celebrate Elis coming home and full refua BKAROV. And most of all looking forward to about 87 more years of marriage.

Please as always continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that all should continue to go and stay on the right path in hoppes of getting Eli home ASAP in the right time with IYH no complication.