Eli continues to improve and at the same time bli ayin hora shock the doctors with his blood counts. They have shot up considerably and beezrat hashem will stay that way. His platelet count has been a slight problem which is very normal and expected and he will probably require another platelet transfusion in the morning. Late in the day today Eli ran a low fever and so far one dose of tylenol has done the trick hopefully the culture they took will come back negative. While he still hasn’t eaten yet we are reminded that Eli generally for whatever reason after being in the hospital for a few days has always refused food until he is home.

Thursday will be a full 3 weeks of being in CHLA and being that Eli is in a special room that is extremely sterile and they don’t allow him out of the room he is definitely getting very antsy to put it mildly and is very much looking forward to some fresh air, going home and a normal nights sleep without any beeping from the IV or nurses checking and poking him hourly. Eli is a real champ and has taken this entire ordeal BH very well and we do whatever we can to keep his mood positive and happy. We hope to see things continue to move only in the right direction.

Elimelech Ben Basya continues to need our tefilos and will for quite some time and we ask as always to please keep him in mind.