Things continue to be moving pretty quickly in the right direction now BH and we hope that’s how it will always be. Bli Ayin Hora all of Elis blood counts have drastically gone up and the doctors are very pleased with the numbers and how Eli looks and feels. After not having any drinks aside from a drop of water to wash down the medications for almost 2 weeks Eli had a few cups of water today. The hope and goal is to try to get him to continue drinking and even trying real food as soon as he is up for it. The sooner he eats and beezrat hashem holds it down, and has steady good blood counts is the sooner Eli goes home.

There isn’t anything much on the schedule other then making sure and helping Eli stay comfortable and on pace with drinking and medication. He keeps himself busy with the many games he has and especially the new games he just got today and a few days ago from his uncle and from a good friend and with all the gift cards and ITunes cards he has. Keeping Eli happy and healthy is our full time goal now.

Elimelech Ben Basya has been in CHLA for about 18+ days now and we hope that things continue staying in the right direction so that Eli will be able to finally leave and get some fresh air that he hasn’t had this entire time. Please as always continue to daven on his behalf as well as all cholim.