What a difference a day can make Bli Ayin Hora. Eli woke up in a good mood and there was good reason for it he BH started getting his blood counts back. Elis mood only got better as the day went on. He finally had some strength wasn’t in much pain as he was able to talk and he had a lot to say. Even the doctors were pleasantly surprised with all he had to say and ask for and we did all we could to help him along. His platelets were again pretty low so he received a platelet transfusion again but BH that went smoothly and helped him feel and look better.

Eli spent the day with his bubby and then Bassy and late in the day asked to see Sori and Ari who he hasn’t physically seen in 2 weeks!!! Everyone was very happy when they finally arrived at 6PM for a short visit. And although Eli asked for food today when it arrived he realized he isn’t quite up to that yet but IYH in the next day or 2 hopefully that to will change. The hope now is that all should continue only going in the right direction and every morning when they draw his blood we hope to continue seeing a steady and quick rise in his blood counts. The sooner his blood counts go up and stay up and Eli being able to eat and hold down food is the sooner IYH Eli will be able to go home.

We hope to continue seeing Elimelech Ben Basya regain his blood counts, his strength, his cute persoanlity and most of all seeing him have a refua shelayma BKAROV. Days like today only happen with everyones tefilos and help and we need that to continue to help Elis get thru these tough times.