Today was just one of those days that hopefully Eli will forget. He didn’t sleep well as a result of having fever and the doctors checking on him pretty often. BH the fever was gone once the morning came but unfortunately the pain in his mouth and throat were very much there. It was very hard for him to talk so we tried not talking and letting him rest. The DR increased his dosage of morphine to help relieve the pain and as the day went on if definitely got a lot better but still has a way to go.

Elis blood counts as of this AM continue to be at zero and he will most probably require a blood and or a platelet transfusion on Sunday which hopefully will help jump start the recovery process. While all that is going on with Eli now is very much on par with what we have been warned and told about that will happen it doesn’t make it any easier as you can’t plan anything until your actually in the situation. We hope that Eli gets some rest and has a good and quiet nights sleep.

We hope that Elimelech Ben Basya starts the week off right and that it only goes from there in the right direction quickly and painlessly. Hoping to have a good report on Sunday and always from there on. A GUT VOCH