Eli spent a lot of the day sleeping as he was very drowsy from all the meds he’s taking. They will try to keep him sleeping because when he is up he isn’t comfortable and is very agitated. His blood levels remain at zero and will most probably stay there for a few more days until they will IYH start to rebound. Because his platelet count was so low he needed a transfusion to help it try not to fall lower then it is.

Today we mark what we are hoping beezrat hashem to be the midway mark of this treatment. Eli has now been in the hospital just over 2 weeks and the about normal period from start to finish is about 30 days. We hope to see Elis blood counts begin to climb asap and see him getting a lot stronger and happier then he’s been the last few days.

We hope and daven that Elimelech Ben Basya is passed the hard days and that the next few days and weeks here in the hospital are only easy with no side effects or complications CV.

One thought on “6/13/13

  1. Suzanne Davidson

    I work at CHLA and I do my Tehillim everyday at lunch in the garden. No pressure, but if you would like me to say my Tehillim outside his room I will be more than happy to.

    Rabbi Gradon is and has been my most important Rebbe for the last 11 years.. He knows me. Whatever you think is best.

    Good Shabbos…Suzanne

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